In the first wave of Thrash Metal and the early days of Death Metal the heart of CONVICTORS began to beat. This happened in South Germany at springtime 1986. The idea to found a band was based on veterans like Possessed, Slayer, Destruction, Messiah, Kreator, Napalm Death, Venom and several other ideals. In words today, the style of sound can be easily named as Old School Death Metal.


In autumn 1986 CONVICTORS recorded their first demo tape <The Last Judgement>. This demo was self-organized recorded in the rehearsal room. The tape was offered in print-zines all over Europe. Several local gigs were performed in those early days. In 1988 the musicians stepped into a creative reflection period. During this period the band members were active as fans in the scene.


Together with a new bass player, the three remaining band members and massive energy, CONVICTORS came back in springtime 2008. After finding a new rehearsal room the band started immediately with the songwriting. Beginning of 2009 the EP <Abdication of Humanity> was recorded, mixed and mastered in the Iguana Studios by Christoph Brandes.

After publishing the EP mid 2009 and playing several gigs, new band members at the bass and drums, joined the band. Along with this change a new rehearsal location had to be searched and was finally found in Lörrach, South Germany.


In spring 2011 the songwriting for a new album <Envoys of Extinction> started. The album was again recorded, mixed and mastered in the Iguana Studios.  The album publication took place in March 2014. In the following years, CONVICTORS performed national and international gigs in clubs and at festivals. In 2018 after a few years enjoying the stages, the current album <Atrocious Perdition> was also recorded, mixed and mastered in the Iguana Studios. The album was published and distributed under the label of Kernkraftritter Records at January 25th, 2019. Every year, with great success, the label organizes national gigs with label bands and different international metal bands.


Since 2019 CONVICTORS have a new drummer on board. In 2020  and 2021 most concert were cancelled. During these times, CONVICTORS were working on new songs for a new album. In December 2021 publised a new song and video for the 35th year of existence celebration. In 2022 a new album is going to be recorded and published.