The history of CONVICTORS began in 1986 when the four friends Fabian, Lasse, Thomas and Atom decided to start a band. Musically influenced by bands such as POSSESSED, DESTRUCTION, KREATOR and SLAYER, their style could be described as Oldschool Death Metal. In the same year the band recorded their first Demo Tape called "The Last Judgement" which was distributed by various magazines.


In 1987 the band went into hibernation for more than 20 years...


After the wake up phase in 2008, regained with new energy,  the guys reunited and started to work on new songs immediately. With the new bass player Zimmi on board, they entered the Iguana Studios in 2009. They recorded a 5-track EP called "Abdication of Humanity" which was released in 2009.


In 2010 Zimmi and Atom left the band. They were replaced by Samuel and Zufi. After having problems finding a new rehearsal room, the songwriting for the new album started in spring 2011. After a few months of working together, the first songs were written and in August 2011 the song "Epitome of Decay" was recorded in the bands' rehearsal room. As 2011 was the 25th anniversary of CONVICTORS, they published a self-made video clip for that song.


The following two years were used to write new songs, rehearse and play some live shows. In March 2014 the band once again stepped into the mighty halls of the Iguana Studios to record the first full length album "Envoys of Extinction".

After playing many shows during the past years CONVICTORS went back to Christoph Brandes to the Iguana Studios in June / July 2018 recording a new 8 song album called "Atrocious Perdition". Kernkraftritter Records, the label of CONVICTORS, released the new album in January 25th 2019.

Zufi our drummer decided to leave the band after finishing the recording. A new and motivated band member was found. Patrick "the drum stick torturer".


Due to the Covid-19 situation for the time being Convictors cancelled concerts. We hope the Virus will disapear soon, so that we and all the other bands can go back on stage supporting clubs and festivals.


Please support your local band, club and festival. Stay tuned, we are the underground.